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Many of the original works found on this site are available for purchase. Please visit Sylvie Robert’s Gallery.

To purchase an original, please contact Sylvie Robert directly. [email protected]

Photo-quality signed prints are also available in limited sizes and quantities, as well as Art merchandising in the gift shop. We intend to provide additional offerings of new original works and print editions when they become available.

As her schedule permits, Sylvie Robert accepts commissions for original paintings. She is experienced working with architects and decorators to create a unique atmosphere. We provide complimentary estimates based on the parameters of … Read More

Modernization Of How Art Is Made

creating digital paintingWhen computer was not that common in earlier times, we go to see artworks done by hand through painting, pottery, sculpting and more. Art pieces were once only made manually and traditionally but these days since computers and other digital technology is common, we have now what we call digital art.

Digital drawing is done through modern technology and gadgets like computers and tablets. Of course, most digital art can only be done by people who are computer literate. It is very obvious that traditional and digital art differ in many ways, learn the differences from here:


Learning Digital Art And Its Benefits

You can see ones creativity through his art. Art has been used to express feelings and sometimes letting other people see through an artist’s eyes. Artists are known to have a very creative imagination and they express it through different kinds of artwork.

digital art

There are many types of art nowadays. Do you even now that there is something we call digital art? Digital art uses digital technology such as computers, mouse or graphic tablets. If you are into art and plan to start on digital art, you can learn the basic from here:

Digital Painting Lesson 1: the Basics of… Read More